The Uses Of Ad Blocking Software Essay

1163 Words Oct 18th, 2016 5 Pages
The use of ad blocking software is ethical. Ad blocking software is software used on computers and smart phones to prevent the user from seeing any advertisements. To support this argument, I will discuss: The means by which online advertising better targets the user and the use of ad blocking software through Kantian deontological ethics and why ad blockers are used. In addition, I will also discuss a possible method by which the controversy surrounding ad blockers can be resolved.

Many users are familiar with advertisements appearing on a page for an item they were interested in purchasing on another website. For example, you search for “iPhone charger” on Amazon, and all of the sudden every ad on Facebook is for iPhone chargers. This is due to advertising trackers. These trackers do just that; track. They record your every move online in order to generate advertisements that may be more relevant to you, and therefore more successful. At no point is the user asked for consent. In an article about ad blocking from the New York times, these trackers are defined as “the code in a page that sends data about your surfing habits to marketers. (Manjoo, 2015)” The article also discusses a browser extension called Ghostery, software that allows the user to block these trackers. It also provides analytics about what trackers it has blocked, and their purpose, as not all trackers are for advertisement purposes. On the article’s web page, Ghostery blocked 42 trackers, 34 of which are…

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