The Use Of Oxycontin And The Opiate Epidemic Essay

1545 Words Oct 5th, 2016 7 Pages
Opiates, such as Oxycontin are prescribed as pain medications to those that are suffering from extreme conditions. It is often prescribed after dental surgeries, and patients suffering from cataracts and other medical conditions that cause the patient to be in an unbearable amount of pain for extended periods of time. Although the drug has proven to reduce pain levels and allow chronically ill patients to be able to go through their day as normally as possible, the fact that they share the same chemical make up as the illegal drug heroin shows that these prescription drugs are just as dangerous and addicting as the street form of the substance. Simply having the drug be prescribed rather than having to find it on the streets does not mean that it is a perfectly safe substance. Being as dangerous as it is, medical professionals should be more hesitant to prescribe such an addictive and dangerous drug, as it makes it easier for those who are not prescribed the drug to get a hold of the substance and abuse it. The opiate epidemic has become a huge problem in our society, and this is partially due to the over prescribed drug Oxycontin. Many people that abuse heroin didn’t start off with heroin, they started using the prescription drugs. They were either prescribed them in the past or they got a hold of it from someone who was prescribed it for some medical condition and didn’t use all of the filled prescription. When the effects of these drugs were no longer good enough for…

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