The Use Of Organisms And Their Products For Commercials Purposes

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Lombard (90) notes that biotechnology is the use of organisms and their products for commercials purposes. It is the basic fundamental principle of genetic engineering as it entails the genes transfer of various methods in production of recombinant proteins, transgenic plants and animals for commercial applications. In nutshell, genetic engineering is the driving force of biotechnology industry in the world .In this filed, there are two areas of interest, that is production of beneficial enzymes and proteins in large quantities and secondly the creation of transgenic plants, animals and genetically modified microorganisms. The new features have new character traits that are beneficial for them by using of recombinant DNA technology.
Meanwhile, biotechnology has evolved and its application are diverse namely in agriculture, industrial production just to mention a few. Industrial biotechnology is the application of techniques of modern molecular biology in improving the efficient and reduction of impacts of industrial processes in the world. Some of the industries where this is applied are textile production, paper and chemical engineering .Besides; companies develop new kind of biocatalysts like enzymes and synthesized chemicals. To sum up, the application of biotechnology is very broad and it has so many advantages in almost every industry. Indeed, this area is the new frontier of the future.
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