The Use Of Good Interpersonal Communication Skills Essay

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More than half all inmates who commit suicide in prison are between twenty-five and thirty-four years of age, often being single with no job or family support. I feel that by focusing in on just those demographics alone and hiring jailhouse psychologist could help in the factors of jailhouse suicide. When a jail or prison inmate has been deemed a suicide risk for any reason, it is standard procedure to take steps to keep that inmate safe. This may include placing them in an isolated location for closer observation, like a receiving or segregation cell. Taking such steps is, of course, meant to accomplish the goal of keeping the inmate safe from self-harm. Though beyond physical isolation, additional steps can and should be taken by correctional staff members to try and minimize the person’s sense of emotional isolation. The most important of these steps can be achieved quite simply through the use of good interpersonal communication skills.

Suicide kills more inmates than homicide, drug overdose, and accidents combined. In 2011 suicides made up 5.5% in state and federal prisons. Suicides in correctional facilities are more prevalent than in the general population. There are many factors discovered as to why jailhouse suicide is too common. One Factor is the crime that the inmate committed and the amount of time they have to serve. Second how secure is the prison internally. Suicide is often looked at as a problem that can only be solved by…

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