The Use Of Coal For Energy Is The Fastest Growing Energy Production

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The use of coal for energy is the fastest growing energy production method in the world, and with supplies of both fuels diminishing, the price of these fuels will go up by the simple rules of supply and demand. Producing energy from oil is the most expensive energy production. This problem has political, socioeconomic and long-term environmental implications. This problem concerns all Americans, as they cannot afford higher prices of energy, around which our lives revolve, and eventually, the quality of life in the United States decrease due to scarcity of energy sources. Higher costs mean smaller profits, which can impact job availability, and salaries. The obvious result is smaller and perhaps even negative growth in the economy, leading to a financial disaster both locally and nationally in the long run.
The United States consumes more power than any other country in the world. The success of the U.S. can be directly related to its power consumption. Most of our electricity that powers our homes comes from burning fossil fuels, which causes major pollution. The amount needed in the future will only rise and because of that reason we need new alternative sources of energy. These new alternative power sources include wind and solar.
Wind technology is a system of equipment that is used for gathering and converting wind into mechanical or electric energy and of transferring these forms of energy to the point of use or storage. The two main uses are for electric generation…

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