The Unnatural Act of Leadership, Book Review Essay

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Odilia Bergh, Peachtree City Police Department
Human Resource Management and Development
The Unnatural Act of Management
February 26, 2013

I began this book like most books, with great anticipation that it was going to be amazing, why else would a qualified instructor assign it. I assumed that it would be a shining example of the finest managerial principals in existence all compacted into a simple to read text with plenty of graphs and helpful handouts. I was certain that I would be a more effective leader for having read it. I spent time strategizing how I would write my paper with great enthusiasm. Then, I read the book.

In the first few pages I found myself so caught up with the character development that I quickly lost
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As a supervisor the concept that others were going to produce results for me was foreign, I didn’t even know it existed. Education would have been beneficial at that point but I didn’t learn that in college. So for that continuing education would have been welcomed, however I may have not been ready to learn the lesson regardless if I had heard it.

I loved the management term given in this book. “Management is a mental process of establishing, and then indirectly achieving the right objectives in the right priority sequence and with sufficient resources.” I have got to admit I felt like that was right on. Over the years I have worked on some level of this definition, but found that at times my priorities were off, or my resources were insufficient or simply the sequence was just not right.
I have absolutely no problem in making a decision, with haste. Now I can’t guarantee that it will be a correct decision but as the years pass and the management process becomes more clear my assumptions become more accurate. Of course we should all be tweaking assumptions constantly. Recently our organization has been revamping tons of policies, to streamline and make things more efficient. One policy stands out when I think if this management term. As a patrol division we now have a written policy that says that no team can drop below the minimum staffing requirement of six officers. As a patrol supervisor my current

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