The University Of University Or Colleges Essay

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Succeeding in your studies is not at all, the only task that should be done is College; people go to Universities or Colleges around the country to experience along with understand an increased amount about the world and people existing in it. Furthering your awareness than what they taught in high schools because of what the state was monitoring. It’s a place you can escape the influences of a narrow point of mind the community around you has. Some students are learning about the culture and customs others have that they would never learn otherwise. How rewarding to witness the change from ignorance to knowledgeable in people. Going to college gives people the power of knowledge to help them make considerable changes in the world. If there are people who support you and your way of thinking, why not write your own future. Universities like Rutgers have made so many incredible changes already, by helping even one person at a time. They are constantly making a difference and will continue to make differences in their community. Rutgers University was very fortunate to have President Obama make a speech at their commencement ceremony, no one could have said it better than himself. President Obama sent an emotional message, giving key points on how to become successful in whatever you put your mind to. He sends a powerful message to the audience of soon to be graduates to be optimistic for the future and to overcome any obstacles in your way.
The Rutgers class of 2016 made it…

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