The University Of Technology 's Chemistry Graduate Program Essay

996 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 4 Pages
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology 's Chemistry Graduate Program is an exceptional and prestigious program that will provide me the opportunity to broaden my skills and intellect within biochemical research fields. This top-ranked program is an ideal fit for me as it contains the biological chemistry and biophysical that I aspire to focus on during my graduate studies. The captivating nature of the intricate biochemical reactions within the body and the mechanisms by which certain endogenous or exogenous compounds will alter a pathway to produce a particular effect feeds my enthusiasm. Additionally, I am greatly interested in structure-based drug design by understanding the molecular interactions of essential enzymes in complex with various ligands, which can be used for the development of effective and potent inhibitors of drug targets. Moreover, the potential for direct societal benefit with the research is compelling for me as a scientist. My desire to continue my education via pursuit of a Ph.D. is strengthened by my determination and aspiration to become an independent scientist and a leader in the research and development process.

As a first semester freshman, I was given a recommendation by my organic chemistry lab teaching assistant to join an academic research laboratory. Although my original intent was to earn a doctor of pharmacy degree, I quickly realized that a more creative, research focused career would better suit my interests and internal motives.…

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