Essay The University Of Nigeria Teaching Hospital

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Ten years ago I was part of a research group that analyzed urinary schistosomiasis and the implications for control among primary school children and rural farmers in Obollo-Eke, Enugu State, Nigeria. At the time, I was a medical laboratory science internist with the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital. This experience was my first encounter with the world of research and evidence-based process. I was intrigued considering that it was uncharted territory and was ecstatic when I learned that I had become a published author in 2012 because of my contributions to the project. This pleasant feeling was ignited once more when I began taking this research class, and as a result, my knowledge of evidence-based research has improved tremendously.

On the first day of class, Dr. Vega introduced us to nursing research, evidence-based practice, and reiterated the importance of reading. She emphasized the importance of reading 17.2 articles a day to become versed and stay current in evidence-based processes as well going back to fundamentals of nursing which is the basis of nursing practice. Reading 17.2 articles is not an easy feat in an accelerated program, however, she encouraged us to be the change in the world by seeking out information for evidence-based processes and incorporating the knowledge in our respective workplaces. Dr. Vega introduced us to new words such as recidivism defined as the propensity to regress to criminal behavior (Recidivism, n.d.) and disseminate…

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