The Units Of Population Of A County Is Measured Essays

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Units of Enumeration
These are units which data is collected in terms production of cloth - meters, weight-tons, time - hours. Units of collection and Enumeration are of three types.
a) Single units : it represents single determining characteristic such as miles, tons etc
b) Compound units : it represents combination of two or more simple units, which represents more than one determining characteristics, such as passenger - kilometres, tons - kilometres,
c) Hypothetical units : These units are used to facilitate comparison, examples are horsepower, coal equivalent .
Units of analysis and interpretation
These are units where subjects and objects or attributes of subjects and objects are not only named but compared.
The following are the types of units of analysis and interpretation
a) Rate : For example death rate per thousand are used for analysis of population.
b) Ratio : The relative values of two homogeneous facts are represented in ratio, for example men women ratio of population of a county is measured as 9:10.
c) Coefficient : When the rate is expressed as per unit instead of per thousand or per hundred then it is called coefficient. Coefficient is computed using formula C=Q/N
Q -Quantity
For example , if there are 1 million people in the city and 50000 births in a year , the birth coefficient is 50000 / 1000000 = .05
Units of Presentation :
Units of presentation can be categorised into time , space and conditions.
For example, the sales…

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