Essay about The United States Should Not Be A Great Country

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The United States is known to be a great country because of our freedom to have our beliefs and values. Our nation has become this great land that at times is overwhelming. Our government has progressed since our founding fathers. The problem lies on how much power the government has. Immunizations are one of the many things that the American people have no voice in, even though vaccinations on children have been a big controversy to many Americans because of the side effects they might have caused. Parents decide not to vaccinate their children because of the newly found information. What will happen if they are forced to immunize their children? The gov’t should not force parents to vaccinate their children because it takes their constitutional rights and gives the government more control over American families.
Thus, many families have opted out in vaccinated because parents do not have sufficient information about the diseases. American families are to just relied on their family doctors and have no unbiased organization to help them to understand better. Also, to have the government overlook their parenting skills can be very frustrating because every single movement that is wrong in the government eyes might be a derogatory mark. Giving so much power to the government is not the right thing to do. The government perceives themselves as the divine glory, but they are not. They have had their mistakes and tried to cover them up. So, why include them in the parent 's…

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