The United States Patriot Act Of 2001 Essay

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September eleventh changed the way the world views terrorism, the wars in in Iraq and Afghanistan claimed the lives of thousands and we the United States have taken massive counterterrorism measures home with us. The United States Patriot Act of 2001 made significant changes in the structure of federal law enforcement, it was revised in 2006 and in 2004 when the 9/11 commission called for a complete overhaul of the U.S. intelligence system the National Criminal Intelligence Sharing Plan or NCISP set standards for a new system of domestic intelligence gathering and analysis. These changes were made in regards to personal privacy and civil liberties. Civil liberties are the rights given to all Americans under the United States Constitution. The bill of right are the first ten amendments in the constitution and further limit the power of government from revoking rights Americans have come to love dearly. Do to the rights people have as well as basic human rights, which are rights most people believe all people should have, the government must gather intelligence in various ways. The idea of Defense in Depth is that all levels of society must be involved in homeland security. This means filtering and supervising social media, as well as all public forums online. The Patriot Act conflicts with the bill of rights still and the fourteenth amendment as well but supporters of the act believe it gives an upper hand in anti-terrorism while critics still believe it threatens civil…

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