Essay on The United States Of The American Revolution

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The United States of America has prevented against tyranny since 1787 when the constitution was adopted and signed. Since then, systems such as federalism, separation of power and checks and balances have worked together to guard against tyranny by allowing independence and collaboration of state governments as well as preventing a certain branch of government of gaining too much power. Before the United States created the constitution, patriots fought for the independence of America through the American Revolution. War impacts economy tremendously and therefore many americans struggled to survive during the revolution. (Danzer 67) When the British came into big cities such as boston and Philadelphia, many americans fled to the countryside in hopes of finding new jobs, shelter and food.
The introduction of federalism was the first to guard against tyranny within the constitution, and since has become a fundamental concept in American Governing. Federalism in the U.S constitution is the idea that governmental power is divided up between the branches of the united states, and the government of individual states. The national government powers that were presented in the constitution are referred to as delegated powers or enumerated powers (Danzer 68) The national government is responsible establishing national laws and enforcing them where as state government is responsible for issuing drivers licenses, establishing local governments as…

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