The United States Healthcare System Essay

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At seventeen years old I had my first introduction to the United States Healthcare system. In November of 2004 I had three weeks left on my mother’s health insurance, I was approaching my last semester of high school and was having frequent unexplained fainting spells. With a month left on my insurance I quickly went through rigorous testing to determine the cause, leaving me feeling like a test subject in a lab. In the beginning of 2005 I was diagnosed with epilepsy. Specifically, I had complex partial seizures, I was handed five different prescriptions and sent on my way. Initially things seemed improved, but every time I felt sick again, my dosages would be increased without a doctor’s visit. The next seven years of my life were lived on medication. During those seven years, I made attempts to complete my bachelor’s degree at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ, however, I found it hard to have motivation and concentration. It was not until around 2012 at age 25 I realized the struggles I dealt with may have amounted to more than lack of motivation, and might be caused by what I put into my body every day. Against the advice of my doctors, in 2012, I slowly stopped taking all of my medication. My world became clear and I began to educate myself on pharmaceuticals, the industry, and the alternatives.
Initially I focused on my main medication, Depakote and what potential effects it may have had on me in the past several years. I not only learned of potential causes…

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