The United States Gender Inequality Essays

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“A feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men” (Steinem). We live on the planet Earth, and it is nowhere near perfect. Everyday people die from hunger, abuse and wars. We can see the sin and imperfectness all around us and never really do something about it; we just label it as “an injustice.” Gender inequality is a big problem in every corner of the world, not only in the United States. In the United States we see inequality in small but impactive ways such as unequal pay and unequal job opportunities. But here the women are seen as lucky for in third world countries women are facing all types of violence, domestic and public, and it seems as if there is no hope for them. On top of that girls are not allowed to take right in public life, and in some places are not allowed to go to school. What is being done to help and more importantly what can we do? In the United States gender inequality is represented in ways most people would not consider important. There are things like the pay gap, low political representation and unequal job opportunities. The pay gap is the difference in men’s and women’s median earnings. In 2014 the median for the annual earnings between women and men that are working full time was around $39,621 to $50,383. To find the pay gap you take the men’s median earning and subtract the women’s median earing from than. Then you divide that by the men’s median earrings. In 2014 the pay gap was 21%, but in 2015 the…

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