The United States Federal Government And The State Of California

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The structure between the United States federal government and the state of California 's are very similar, however, there are eight notable differences between them. These differences are: term limits, item veto, apportionment and district size, media visibility, court appointments, filibusters, initiatives and seniority. On June 5, 2012, Californians voted in favor of proposition 28, which changed the term limits for state legislatures. The proposition reduced the number of years that a politician would be able to serve in California from 14 years down to 12 years (Anagnoson). This proposition also allowed the legislator to be able to serve the twelve years consecutively in either the California State Senate or the California State Assembly (Anagnoson). Prior to this proposition, the term limits from 1990 's proposition 140 allowed the member to serve 6 years in Assembly and 8 years in the Senate for a maximum total of 14 years. Proposition 28 shifted the power back to the legislature. The theory behind this would be that it would provide more time for the members to become more knowledgable and effective legislatures, and allow them to better deal with the lobbyists and bureaucrats (Anagnoson). United States Congress is made up of a bicameral legislature, with a House of Representatives and a Senate. The House of Representatives and the Senates are chosen by the people. The House of Representative may serve an unlimited 2 year terms, while the Senate may serve…

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