The United States Election Process Essay

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The United States election process is one of great importance and significance to the American government. Yet voting can be one of most confusing topics to its citizens. How does an election work? How does your vote make a difference in our county? What is the Electoral College and what is its purpose? These questions have been asked and thought of by many Americans for generations. As with everything in government, the process is much more complex than it seems. On the surface, electing a president might seem like a simple task: Everyone votes for whoever they wish, and the candidate that receives the most votes wins the election. This, however, is not at all close to how it actually works. In fact, our system is not a purely democratic one like you might think, but this is actually a good thing. In certain situations, like the presidential election, true democracy is not the best solution. To answer these questions, I will take a close look at the details of how an election really works, and how candidates rise to their positions of leadership through this system.
In 1787, when the founding fathers drafted the constitution, they implemented a unique system of electing the president: the Electoral College. They believed that the average citizen was not capable of accurately selecting a president, and that a small group of “smart” individuals would be better suited to make this important decision. The framers believed that a purely democratic, popular election would be…

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