Essay about The United States ' Education System

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The United States’ education system is ranked seventeenth in the world (Gayathri). At all levels of education, from elementary school through university, grade inflation exists: too many students get too many A’s. I am not saying that no student should get A’s, but students have started to expect A’s, thinking a B is somehow “bad,” even though, in reality, a C is supposed to be average. In a nation where everyone is special and participation trophies are handed out like candy on Halloween, students see C’s as terrible failures, B’s as poor scores, and A’s as the only acceptable grades. This causes a deterioration of the learning environment, because school becomes focused solely on grades while both leaving students behind and allowing other students to become lackadaisical.
On average, grade point averages raise about 0.15 points per decade (Babcock 18). C’s used to be fairly common, B’s were the most common grade, and A’s were given only to the most exceptional students. Now, at many colleges and universities, an A is the most common score given. On a math test administered worldwide, the top students in the United States scored below the average score of students in Shanghai (Bidwell). This indicates that our grading system is skewed, because even the most advanced students are below average and far more students than just the most advanced ones receive A’s.
Students in America are not inherently less capable than students from Shanghai, but their education system forces…

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