The United States And The War Of Great Britain Essay

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What would it be like to enter presidency while tensions are rapidly growing between the United States and two other countries? James Madison was practically forced to declare war on Britain in 1812, shortly after his inauguration. Great Britain had hoped to be a great ally to the United States. Instead, American ships were frequently seized by British forces. Both the vessels and their crewmembers were put to use in the service of Great Britain. Despite many efforts to contain the situation, Madison found himself ineffective in his attempts at an embargo against Great Britain. Many American politicians, also known as War Hawks, began to call for war. Although Madison was against war, he did as his nation wished by asking the Congress of the United States to declare war on Great Britain. This is the story of an American president, James Madison, a story of ambition, of war, and of leadership.
James Madison was born on March 16, 1751, in Port Conway, Virginia. He was raised on his family’s plantation by his two parents, Nellie Conway Madison and James Madison Sr., along with his seven younger brothers and five little sisters. James’s mother gave birth to him at nineteen years old and lived to be ninety-seven years old. Of his eleven siblings only six survived childhood. His father owned the estate, Montpelier, which was around three thousand acres, along with dozens of slaves. James was shipped off to a boarding school run by Donald Robertson in King and Queen County,…

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