The United States And The Soviet Union Essays

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Unscathed by bombs and battles on the home front, the United Sates industry and agriculture grew rapidly after WWII. The postwar United States enjoyed the highest standard of living in the world. The nation also wielded enormous military power as the sole possessor of the atomic bomb. However, the Soviet Union represented an obstacle to American dominance on global affairs. The Cold War between two superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union, boosted military expenditures, fueling a growing arms race. Moving away from neutrality, the United States started to involve in other nations’ affairs such as giving economy and military aid in civil wars and nation building; and furthermore, the United States created a permanent alliance with other nations to protect Western Democracy from Eastern Communism. As a tension mounted between the superpowers, the United States increasingly perceived Soviet expansion as a threat to its own interests, and the two superpowers were also engaged in the arms race to develop superior weapon system. In order to protect the countries from falling into Communism and maintain a peaceful and stable world, George Kennan suggested that the United States should pursue a containment policy. The emerging policy of containment was first implemented when the communism encroached on Turkey and Greece. Truman established Truman Doctrine which gave military and economic aid to assist Turkey and Greece against communism. Also the Marshall Plan was…

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