Misleading Effects Of The Vietnam War

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The Vietnam War could not have occurred at a worse time in Unites States. PRior to the war, the long, grueling, and strenuous Civil Rights Movement resulted in an “unofficial official” divide within the country. As far back as JFK, U.S. interest in Vietnam was made evident. JFK adopted Eisenhower 's fostered idea of the “Domino Theory”. JFK wanted to prevent the South Vietnamese from spreading Communism throughout the rest of the country. Despite the billions of dollars invested, along with the billions of lives lost, the U.S. ultimately withdrew for Vietnam, thus allowing Communism to take hold. The South East Asian country suffered as well. Innocent citizens of Vietnam were made refugees in their own country. At home, Vietnam veterans were …show more content…
5 was written by former Senator Robert F. Kennedy in 1968. In Doc. 5, Kennedy discusses the misleading statements given to the American people during the war. In the last line of the first paragraph of Kennedy’s address, he states that areas in Vietnam are not under control. Hugh Thompson, an army helicopter pilot, flew over the village of My Lai in which he described the events viewed as horrific. Thompson recorded seeing the brutality done onto the innocent citizens of My Lai by U.S. troops. Troops belonging to the “Charlie” Company, torched parts of the village, fired rounds at the unarmed civilians who attempted to hide and beg for their lives. As a result of this bloodbath, 500 civilians belonging to My Lai were killed by both grenades and automatic weapons. After hearing about the events at My Lai, the American public support for the was then dwindled. The purpose of Doc. 5 is to make known the secrets kept for the American public as the increase of drafting continues,thus adding to the continuation of the cycle. Doc. 5 corresponds to Doc. 6 in the sense that at first, before exposed to the harsh reality of the war first hand, the young draftees are civil human beings, but once thrown into jungle, the once civil young men are turned into savages who terrorize innocent human beings; these young men did things that they never would have thought they were capable of. Doc. 6 was written by by a draftee named James Fallows recounting the events leading up to his …show more content…
The goal of the United States in Vietnam was to spread democracy and grant rights to the Vietnamese people. As a result of the Vietnam War, drafts were abolished and The War Powers Act was instituted by Congress, despite Nixon’s veto. The War Powers Act said that the president must inform Congress of his or her decision to put armed troops into war within two days. Once Congress is informed, the president has no more than 30 days to withdraw the armed troops from that area,
The Vietnam War corresponds to long drawn-out war in Afghanistan. During the war in Afghanistan, millions of soldiers were being deployed overseas to stop the threat of terrorists. Due to the abolishing of drafts as a result of the Vietnam War, many soldiers in Afghanistan had to complete multiple tours of duty. In both cases, the United States have fought against the rule of tyrants

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