Essay on The United States And The Federal Government

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We have many laws from our federal government, our state government, and our local government. For us to know whos in charge the United States is based off of federalism. Federalism is a method of government that allows two or more entities to share control over the same geographic region. It 's a principle of government that defines the relationship between the central government at the national level and its constituent units at the regional, state, or local levels. Each person in the United States is to obey each laws set by that city, county, state and federal government. In a federalist government, the power is divided up between the national and other governmental units. In the United States this means that the power is between our federal government, and our state and local government. Each government has a say so in what goes on. The relationship and authority of states and the federal government are controlled by the U.S. Constitution. When the power is divided between the entities, the federal government is in charge of certain powers while other powers are remained to be in charged by the states. It is crucial that the National Governors Association works to preserve and continue to promote a well balanced relationship between the states, territories and the federal government. It 's almost like keeping your body up and running and healthy. If one of our organs were to start failing or shut down it would affect every other organ in our body. Same goes for the…

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