Essay on The United States And The Federal Government

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The United States has multiple divisions under which the power of the government is divided. Federalism specifically is “when a written Constitution divides the powers of the government on a territorial basis between a central, or national government and several regional governments such as states that each have a specific set of power” (McClenaghan). The system of American government and power is derived from the Constitution, but specifically based off the division of powers. The initial founders of Federalism were James Madison and Alexander Hamilton who favored the ratification of the Constitution. In the United States the system of National government is based in Washington D.C., while the divided powers of regional governments are based locally in each of the 50 states(McClenaghan). Based on the needs of the American people and the reserved powers of states, the issues of health care and education illustrate the extent to which the Federal Government should be able to influence policy decisions at the state level. Although health insurance is currently required by law under President Obama, it wasn’t always like that. Between the period of 1800 to 1912 the government took no actions to finance voluntary funds or make insurance policies. Virtually, the states were given the option whether they wanted to fund and support private insurances or programs. The US did have some voluntary funds that provided for their members in the case of sickness or death, but there…

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