Essay on The United State Educational System

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The United State educational system are keep getting worse. United States was at the top of the world, but now it’s become a disaster. According to Ripley, United State high school students rank at 26th in math, 17th in science and 12th in reading with kids in the world (What Makes The 'Smartest Kids In The World '? 4 ). Our education system is full of problem from head to tail. Young Zhao point out that each year there are 1.2 millions high school students left school without graduate and quarter of high school students graduate late ( Catching Up or Leading the Way.12). Our educational system fail to provide a good learning system for students. We must provide a better system for our students. There are plenty of ways to deal with our country education problem likes copy others country that are success and change our educational system, but the best two ways to solve this problem are to hire the best teacher and give more funding for schools. Bill gates said “hire the best teachers. That’s what produces the best results for students, more than size or money or curriculum” (Zakaria 9). The best teachers can produce the best students which will help improve the United State eduacation. They will know what are the best way to teach students. Low grade student can improve when taugh by the best teacher while good grade students can have a difficult time with the bad teacher. Bad teacher will cause more problem in the United States education. On the other hand, a good…

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