The United Nations Department Of Public Information Essay

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Everyone has been involved in a fight at one point in his or her life, and on some occasions it is necessary for someone else to get involved to reestablish a peaceful environment. However when this happens between two or more countries the solution is not so simple as it most often involves the help from the United Nations’ military force. The United Nations (UN) formed with only 51 countries in 1945, but now contains 192 countries, which have formed a military force made up of volunteers from the member-states. This military force, known as peacekeepers, does not have the authority to intervene with force into other countries, therefore according to the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations (2008), they also work to reform the judicial system, train law enforcement, disarm former combatants, and support the return of internationally displaced people and refugees. The idea behind peacekeepers came from the UN Security Council and is now directed by the UN Secretary General (United Nations Department of Public Information, 2008). The United Nations Department of Public Information is a reliable source, since it is a non-profit organization that has provided global awareness to the issues and the works of the United Nations since 1946. When fighting begins between two countries the United Nations immediate actions are to find a peaceful solution, however if that fails, peacekeepers are then deployed to areas of conflict in order to create long-term peace.…

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