The Union Representative Role And Position Of Non Union Essay examples

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Self Reflection
Union Representative The union representative role was challenging as I have often found myself aligned with the role and position of non-union. This position encouraged me to be more open-minded in my approach and thinking, forcing me to truly consider the options and impact on the garbage collector 's work environment and corresponding pay position. Although the 17% increase request is still exorbitant, it worked well as a negotiation point to get a strong but fair return, essentially getting 4.2 percent per year, which is approximately 2% higher than average inflation.
Management – Mayor As the Mayor and representing the interest of both the city and people was interesting to me because I had to make sure that we did not compromise with our budget that was already in place. I had to review some of the other negotiations that happen like in the City of Toronto to understand how it really happens. The Mayor has to consider all the different things that it would be impacted if there was no agreement between the two parties. Some examples as mentioned, garbage pile up, health problems with rats and election impact. However, knowing that the importance of garbage collectors was imperative to be able to come to agreement or be open to reduction to the original 17% that the union came forth with. I enjoyed doing the role play and learned how intense negotiations can be when unions and government are involved.
Management – Town Clerk
Given the above…

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