Essay on The Union Organizing Campaign For A Union Campaign

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Union organizing campaigns are usually the product of unhappy workers or unfair labor practices within a company, as perceived from the laborers’ viewpoint. Even with some companies demonstrating sound union-avoidance tactics to remain union-free, every company faces the very real possibility of having one or more employees that may begin spreading discontent from inside the company, which could lead to the managers dealing with an adversarial and potentially biased election process subsequent to a union campaign. Should an employer find themselves confronting union formation, many employees find themselves involved, including the persons running the campaign for union candidates, the individuals responsible for notifying all parties of the legal rules of the process, and those that are called upon to monitor the election outcome. If I were to take a position working on a union campaign, as an absolute, the only role I could possibly see myself filling would be that of election monitor. By my nature, I almost never take a firm stance on anything to an extreme. Accordingly, I would not make a good campaign manager, running the campaign for a union candidate. It is owing to this nonaligned personality trait that I would make an ideal person to fill the role of election outcome monitor. Jorgen Elklit and Palle Svennson (1997), wrote an article for the Journal of Democracy called “What makes elections free and fair?”, where they discuss the need for election monitoring as…

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