The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act Essay examples

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It is well known that you chose to oppose the H0001 legislative bill in the 2015 session; however, it is recommended by many mothers, fathers, children, and families around that nation that you reconsider your final decision. The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA) makes it easier for children around the nation to receive the child support they need. Years ago, there was a huge problem between separated households living in different states due to the contradictory state laws on child support mandates. The problem was recognized by Congress and in an attempt to solve it lawmakers introduced the UIFSA bill and asked all states to pass the bill. In doing so, the regulations among states would become identical and enforcement hindrances would be greatly eliminated. Therefore Mr. Miller, the question stands: should the State of Idaho agree to federal regulations and pass the H0001 bill into Idaho legislature and allow for thousands of children to receive the support that they are entitled to as citizens of America? Mr. Miller, it is highly advised of you to change your vote and help the Idaho, H0001 bill pass into law as soon as possible. Do not jeopardize the incomes of many single parent families who are dependent upon the child support payments of out of state parents or even out of country parents. By passing this bill the federal payments for child support enforcement will stay intact, and as Idaho cannot fund this enforcement on its own at this point in time,…

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