The Unhealthy Hospital Case Study Essays

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Decision making is the basic element of organizational process, which leads or aids in smooth running of a complex organizations such as a health care services. The healthcare managers are appointed for the very same reason that is to make decision at strategic and operational level.

( Mintzberg 1973, Stewart !976). Eisenhardt & Zabracki (1992) suggested that the approach to a decision making should be more realistic than rational. A quality decision should be realistic, feasible, made with good data, timely, defensible, acceptable and have a good outcome( Janice Lewis Duncan Boldy)

For a healthcare set up it is very much important to maintain the financial system in balance so that the customers and the stakeholder’s
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All he meant was that it will give a negative impression on the hospital and this will in turn reflect badly on the Hospital reducing its annual revenue even more. Having a strong and good relationship with the government, colleagues and the community it serves is to be given an equal priority. He is true in saying that Blake’s Memorial will never be able to compete with St.Barnabas since their motive is completely different from that of the Blakes Memorial hospital.

Concentrating more on the clinics would give Blake’s Memorial a large coverage on the low and middle income community to get more inpatient referrals win the confidence, improve the relationship and the monopoly over the service it provides to these communities.

An effective evaluation of the clinics productivity and the necessary changes depending on the clinics performance is essential. He adds that “One should consider the long term goals against the short term constraints”.

Jane Delgado concentrates on 3 things in the comments which looks very useful

The 1st one is the understanding of whom the hospital will serve. The 2nd one is to change how the clinic work without any unreasonable costs and the 3rd and last one is to develop more tailored analysis of the hospital’s operations. He also says that we should concentrate on the community it serves. The market and mission of the Blake’s Memorial and the St. Barnabas are completely different so there is no

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