Essay about The Understanding Of College Level Research

820 Words Dec 9th, 2015 4 Pages
It was a great semester of learning new ways to research and analyze others students essay’s. With every assignment given came along a challenge to master the details in writing. The goal of this course was to exhibit the understanding of college-level research while using the library’s online database to come up with reliable resources. Using our critical thinking skills and being able to analyzing the reading material to demonstrate a conclusion using the evidence from the sources while incorporating quotes and facts.
My first piece is Week One Writing Sample. This is a standard academic introductory to the course. Here is where I express my academic struggle with reading, writing and spelling throughout my life. This struggle defines the baseline to my English comprehension skills. With each tasks given, I felt I was able to grasp the concept of the assignments and preform it to the best of my ability. Although reading and writing is not my strongest subject, I still enjoy learning from it.
Our first essay was inspired by a topic from a reading out of David and Goliath. The goal was to persuade the reader that our topic of choice was “viable” while acknowledging both sides of the argument. I choices Class Size Affecting Academic Achievement. My first attempted at writing this essay was weak. Although I was able to demonstrate college-level research to support my claim, I lacked being able to efficiently express my ideals in writing. My sentences were not structured…

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