Essay on The Unconscious And Conscious Psychological Mechanisms

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Both unconscious and conscious psychological mechanisms influence an individual to a large extent. Psychological mechanisms such as splitting and dissociation affect an individual’s behavior, worldview, and role in their environment. In addition, psychological mechanisms may also impact how an individual responds to the events he or she encounters. Martha Stout, the author of “When I Woke Up Tuesday Morning, It Was Friday” tells stories about how her patients were affected by trauma and explains how an individual’s understanding of his or her past can influence his or her understanding of him or herself. Stout explains her focus through stories about trauma victims, to indicate that one’s traumatic experience can cause dissociation and influence an individual’s life to a great extent, potentially making it difficult for an individual to create an identity or history for him or herself. Similar to Stout, Leslie Bell also discovers the topic of recognizing oneself in her Selection from Hard to Get: Twenty-Something Women and the Paradox of Sexual Freedom when individuals are given a paradox of sexual freedom by explaining how women split to create histories and identities for themselves. These women want to create a history and identity, but face pressures from society as to how they should act. While Stout and Bell discuss dissociation and splitting in their essays, in her essay “The Naked Citadel” Susan Faludi discusses how the Cadets from the Citadel are significantly…

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