Women In Susan Faludi's 'The Naked Citadel'

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Hierarchies have often been dominant in the world for centuries and are still dominant in the world when it comes to business and the government. Hierarchies are used in life every day because people who are higher up usually have more power in the decisions those groups make. These hierarchies are usually prominent in the military where this type of order rules all the actions the military takes. Susan Faludi discusses how colleges that have a slightly strong association with the military (The Citadel) use hierarchies, in her essay “The Naked Citadel.” The way that these students are treated in a heavily ordered system forces one to think about how students in different school systems are treated. While there are some school systems that use …show more content…
As time, has gone on women have been accepted into more situations, including certain schools. Now that women have the opportunity of acceptances in schooling forced a new hierarchy to be put in place. Within Susan Faludi’s essay she examines how women are treated in The Citadel. Faludi discusses how while few women try to gain admittance to The Citadel the few that did experienced massive barriers to overcome. These women faced barriers to entry because of the newly implemented hierarchy that is set in place since women have decided to join The Citadel. This newly implemented hierarchy is one where men are at top and women are struggling to get on the same page as the men at the top. This is seen with the misogynistic nature of the students at The Citadel which is seen when one cadet talked to Faludi speaking quietly stating that “All [the students] talk about is how girls are pigs and sluts” (77). This hierarchy of placing women at the bottom is such a detrimental impact on society because The Citadel did not know any of the positive impacts women could bring to society. Women in this sense is a tool with their knowledge being the for front of what they can bring to society. The hierarchical barriers that women have had to deal with to be integrated in different education systems can also be seen with the implementation of technology in modern education system. Technology has had an extremely positive impact on education because of the adaptability that that technology has brought to society. There are no hierarchies when it comes to technology because technology has no boundaries. When dealing with the implementation of technology in society Davidson pulled technology out of the normal use in her project of implementing iPods in the classroom. Davidson even states, “We were inverting the traditional roles of teacher and learner,

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