The Ultimate Fighting Championship By Helio Gracie Essay

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“The Ultimate Fighting Championship”, UFC fighting has grown to be one of the most popular sports to watch. The UFC has earned over 200 million dollars from pay-per-view events (Brodesser). People love to watch different fighters with different martial art backgrounds compete to determine who is best. However, the UFC was not always so popular. Like many great things, the UFC came from humble beginnings. A man named Helio Gracie would revolutionize a martial art and fighting in general. He would create a martial called Gracie Jiu Jitsu that would eventually lead to the creation of the UFC and a new perspective on fighting. Helio Gracie was the youngest of eight children to Gastao and Cesalina Gracie. He was a weakly child and physically frail. It was said that when he ran up a flight of stairs he would have fainting spells and nobody could figure out why. After second grade he convinced his mother that he was to sickly for school. She fell for it, and Helio never went to school. In 1914 a man named Esai Maeda went to Brazil and befriended Gastao who would help Maeda get established. In return, Maeda taught a martial art called Jiu Jitsu to his son Carlos. This martial art is mainly ground defense or also known as “grappling”. Jiu Jitsu tactics are to takedown and neutralize the threat rather than breaking bones or knocking the adversary out. (Helio Gracie) At age 14, Helio moved in with some of his older brothers who were Jiu Jitsu Instructors. Even though at this time…

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