Cyberbullying Vs Traditional Bullying Essay

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The time spent on researching about cyberbullying and traditional bullying, has shown that, while the two sides are terrible in their own ways, cyberbullying might in fact be worse. On multiple accounts acts of bullying on the physical and digital plains have been recorded, but not all of them, more so digitally than physically. Children to adults are always harassed, sense the first website that hides one’s identity, the birth if cyberbullying was created to nationally terrorize the world of online. Through researching countless websites and reviewing articles, its clear that the threat of online bullying, cyberbullying, is a clear threat and impediment to peoples online interaction and free speech and is much more severe bullying than …show more content…
Cyberbullying is centered, while not limited to, around teenagers and adolescents (Uhls 3). This doesn’t center just at them, cyberbullying is everywhere you look, for instance cyberbullying is more severe gays, lesbians or bisexuals (Parikh 6). While at another time the marauders of the internet, that are trolls or harassers, would also bring the worst of their depravities down upon women (Foxman 6). It goes to show that cyberbullying is in a majority of places and attacks a wide range of people, trolls are mostly seen attacking groups that share a different set of ideals compared to the troll itself (McNeely 1). Further than that, its not even against a specific group, it can be just to harass a singular person, either celebrity or child, its focused at no one and its aimed at everyone (Foxman 4). It is because of this that certain sites, while not hate sites, are dangerous like Facebook or Twitter, for there easy to get to and wide spread of online profiles to harass, causing a simple problem of depression to be widespread (Parikh

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