Essay about The Twelve Dancing Princesses

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1. The genre of 'The Twelve Dancing Princesses ' is a short story. But other possible genres it can be put into is fairytale due to the folk-lore theme the characters are set in.

2. The exposition of the story begins with the description of how there is a kingdom with twelve princesses, who 's shoes are ruined in the morning from dancing even though they all sleep in the same room that is locked each night. The king decides that he is quite done with his daughters ' games so tell his kingdom that to anyone who can find out where they are dancing will be named heir to the crown but, they only have three night or else they will be executed. Later the king 's son come to try but falls asleep all three nights, "But the king’s son soon fell asleep; and when he awoke in the morning he found that the princesses had all been dancing, for the soles of their shoes were full of holes. The same thing happened the second and third night: so the king ordered his head to be cut off.", as stated there they prince was killed.

3. The rising action begins after the king 's son and several others are killed, where it introduces a retired soldier who is talking with a old women about the challenge. The women convinces the soldier to take on the quest and give a secret weapon to use, a invisibility cloak. The soldier continues to the castle where he welcome with joy by the king in hopes he can solve the mystery. During dinner the eldest daughter gives him a glass of wine but being paranoid he…

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