The Truth Behind Police Brutality Essay

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The Truth Behind Police Brutality
Eighty four percent of police officers have witnessed other officers use more force than necessary to make an arrest. Some may agree that it is not “police brutality”, just police doing their job. For example, if an officer drags someone out of their car for reaching to get their license, but mistaking it for a weapon, one might say, The officer is just doing his job. While the opposing side argues that every situation does not need excessive force for an officer to “do his job.” Police brutality is an ongoing problem occurring in the United States that should be investigated so legal action can be taken and lives can be saved.
Police brutality is defined as one or more officers using more force than necessary to make an arrest. This includes physical force and or the use of a weapon (Smith 2). Officers should and are required to only use force that is absolutely necessary to carry out their duties. They are not allowed to abuse, intimidate, or hurt someone who is unarmed (“Types of Police”3). When an officer uses excessive force on a citizen, they are violating that person’s Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment rights (“Police Brutality Law”1). Once the officer has restrained an individual, he must stop using force, regardless if the individual was or is being aggressive (“Types of Police” 3).
Many officers believe that when someone commits a crime, they are giving up their rights. Because of this belief, the officer will not feel guilty about…

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