The Truman Was President During The Cold War Essay

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1. Harry Truman
a. Harry Truman was president during the Cold War. He had a hand in preventing the spread of Communism to other countries. Truman saw that, with the Iron Curtain dividing Europe in half, communism would spread quickly and what he wanted to do was help countries that were threatened by Communism and this is what the Truman Doctrine consisted of. He asked Congress for 40 million dollars to fund Greece and Turkey, who were threatened by Communism at the time. He figured that if we didn’t give money to Greece and Turkey, then Communism would spread from one country to the next like a domino effect.
2. Che Guevara
a. Che Guevara, like Castro, was also a determined revolutionary and his plan for overthrowing the government. Guevara had planned to establish revolutions throughout Latin America, specifically South America. He and Castro were also similar in the fact that they didn’t like the United States. At the time, the United States had many businesses, and even a military base, in Cuba. He didn’t like the fact that the United States had so much control over Cuba.
3. Ideology
a. An ideology is a system of thoughts and beliefs, political values, ideas which attempt to explain reality and a set of key principles and ideas that underlie a government. There are 3 major political ideologies that exist in the political world and they include liberalism, socialism and nationalism. Liberalism is the idea that there should be equal opportunities for all people within…

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