Misunderstandings, And Misconceptions Between The United States And Soviet Union

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The Cold War began from mistrust, misunderstandings, and misconceptions between both the United States and the Soviet Union. While World War II was happening the Soviet Union, the United States, and Britan formed allies to take down the Nazis. After the war, the Soviet Union had different goals for the future of Europe than the rest of the Western Allies creating tension. The death of President Roosevelt, who was a supporter of Stalin and replaced with Truman, who agreed heavily with Britain, affected negotiations. Several talks conference attempt to mend the difference between the nations but the outcome was more struggle of power ending with the start of the Cold War.
During World War II the U.S. and the Soviet Union were allies and conclude with a victory for both. Then in a few years time, the allies became enemies and engaged in a military, political ideology, and economic struggle knows as the Cold War. The wartime alliance was one of convenience after Germany broke the non-aggression pact with the Soviet Union by invading the Soviet Union. Then the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in December of 1941. The alliance between the United States and Britain signed a formal partnership and made an informal agreement. The lend
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After liberating these countries from the Nazis, these territories were occupied by the Soviet Union armed forces converting them into satellite states adding them to the Eastern Bloc. The Eastern Bloc refers to the countries affiliated with the Soviet Union and other former communist states of Eastern and Central Europe. The Soviet controlled the countries in the Eastern Bloc crushing any resistances and rivals were removed from power, tried, and imprisoned. Stalin 's actions in Europe concerned Churchill and perceived that Stalin was unreliable also a threat to Western

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