The Trojan War : An Epic Siege Carried Out By The Achaean Kingdoms

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The Trojan War was an epic siege carried out by the Achaean kingdoms against the Trojan city of Troy, spanning through the 12th and 13th century, approximately 1250 BCE. Directed by Wolfgang Petersen, the 2004 film adaptation “Troy” was supposedly inspired by the text of the Homer’s Iliad, a poetic variation of the events, which incorporated both historical and mythological aspects into said poem. With this, the film falls short historically; having excluded all religious notions involving gods and nymphs, and was instead an over-dramatized action movie that altered a number of significant, historic facts. The film seems not too far gone within the beginning sequences. The king of Sparta, Menelaus, holds a banquet on behalf of the Trojan princes, Hector and Paris, after negotiating a peace treaty between their territories. During the festivities, Paris sneaks off to pursue a secret love affair with Menelaus’s wife, Queen Helen. The next day, Paris smuggles the queen aboard their homebound vessel to Troy. The event leads Menelaus into seeking the help of his brother, King Agamemnon; it was this act of desperation that presented Agamemnon with an opportunity to start a war. However, following this event, certain truths seem to falter from history, particularly in the realm of religion. Petersen managed to exclude almost all influences the Gods held within the decisions made by Greek leaders. The Gods remained as significant figures within Greek societies, but the film…

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