Essay on The Triumphs Of Fame, Time, And Divinity

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The Triumphs of Love, Chastity, and Death and the Triumphs of Fame, Time, and Divinity is an art piece attributed to Girolamo da Cremona circa 1460s show cased at the Denver Art Museum in the American and European section of the art galleria. This medium of art was made through paint with oil on a panel in Italy.
This particular painting was based on the 14th century poem, “The Triumphs” by Francesco Petrarch which illustrates two families combined by wedding of the top panel with the bottom panel. Viewers can immediately see the amongst all differences, they all share the same necessary traits to make this piece come as one. They all illustrate a deity seen upon a chariot all being pulled by different beasts. Beneath those deities are the families whom follow through a dry, mountainous terrain. From this, they exhibit unique traits from the God that is present in each depiction. Initially, across all six panels, you can clearly see a contrast in scenery and atmosphere that well illustrates the triumph of each “Deity” There are varying differences particularly amongst the landscape of each panel to which you can see the lush green lands in Chastity in comparison to the dry, barren, and dead landscape in Death. These landscape differences provide detailed insight to the mood and tone of each deity. Through the rock formations, to the varying distinct tree, and even through the presence, or lack thereof of roads and other structures abroad. There is an overall indication of…

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