The Treaty Of Versailles Essay

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Historically the Rhineland refers to an area encompassing either side of the river Rhine that stretches 1,230 km through Central and Western Europe. The Rhineland borders Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

F Prior to the second world war, the Rhineland provided an abundance of industrial benefits for Germany including the production of coal, iron and steel resources. During the First World War, The Rhineland proved strategically significant in the invasion of France. Thus, under the terms of the Treaty of Versailles (signed 28th June 1919) The Rhineland was declared demilitarised, to ensure that there was a military free zone between Germany and France to prevent future buildup of army forces. German troops were banned from all territory west of the Rhine and within 50 kilometres east of the Rhine. Whilst germany retained political and economic control over the area, it was humiliating for German people to be denied the ability to do as they pleased in their own country.
Hitler exploited his powers of propaganda and demagoguery to install terror in the German people, claiming that the Treaty of Versailles and the acquiescence of the Weimar Republic were an embarrassment to all Germans. From here rearmament of Germany became the utmost priority of the German government. In 1933 hitler ordered army generals to prepare to treble the size of the army to 300,000 men; the air ministry was ordered to build 1000 war planes and he commenced to build barracks and…

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