The Treaty Of Versailles Treaty Essay

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Have you ever felt so humiliated by someone that you felt hopeless? Shorty after the end of WWI, the leaders met and created the Treaty of Versailles to commence peace and international independence. However, they excluded Germany from this meet. Clemenceau, the prime minister of France, wanted Germany to never again create threats towards France or the rest of Europe. David, prime minister of England, agreed. This decision would only lead to bitterness and future conflict. The treaty created a sense of humiliation for Germany because their land was taken away, their military was decreased, they had to pay a debt. and the guilt clause. Due to the Versailles treaty, Germany felt humiliated by the loss of their lands. According to the 1919 map of German Territorial Losses, cities like Alsace were claimed by France. Alsace was a valuable city because it produced coal. Germany reduced its coal business by 40% it can affect the workers lives and it because in 1932 the underemployment rate reached 30%. The loss of lands and the reducement of the coal production causing underemployment was all because of the signing of the treaty Adolf Hitler is not convinced it should stay like this. Meanwhile, Hitler is starting to become a political figure in Mein Kampf, 1924 he says “ Only childish and naive minds can lull themselves in the idea that they can bring about a correction of Versailles by wheedling and begging” people that are waiting for something to change, who have hope…

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