The Treatment Of Stem Cell Research Essay

999 Words Nov 19th, 2015 4 Pages
Many people all over the United States and the world suffer untreatable, life threatening diseases. If stem cell research is funded these disease would not only be cured but prevented. This cure could save 100’s of millions of Americans lives and could prevent millions of more cases. “Laura Dominguez had her accident on July 3, 2001.Aftewards she had no movement of her legs and hips,” Laura was 18 at the time of the accident (Nelson). Laura went to many rehabilitation centers to try to recover what she had lost but to no avail she did not see any improvement. After an experimental surgery with the use of stem cells Laura was able to point her toes and with braces she was able to walk short distances again. Not only can stem cell research regenerate spinal cord tissue but it can also cure diseases, “Dennis Turner, a Parkinson’s patient, was treated in 1999 by Doctor Michel Levesque,” (Doerflinger). Part of Turner’s brain however, was left untreated to see if the treatment would actually work, and it did. But now the part of the brain that was left untreated is getting worse and is moving back over to the cured side. Without the necessary funding Doctor Levesque was unable to perform the operation again. Although those who disagree on the topic of stem cell research have their arguments against stem cell research, not even they can disagree with the fact that stem cell research has the potential to change disease treatment. Over half of the population agrees with stem cell…

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