The Treatment Of Skin Cancer Essay

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In the United States, skin cancer is the most frequently diagnosed form of malignancy.1
Although it is possible to prevent the majority of new cases, the rate of skin cancer incidence has tripled since the 1970’s.1 Ultra violet radiation(UVR) emitted by the sun plays a strong role as an initiator in the pathogenesis of skin cancer.2 Many people are unaware of the UV index listed on the daily forecast, which can be utilized to anticipate UVR exposure for a specific day. In the state of New Mexico, outdoor enthusiasts are constantly exposed to cell damaging UV rays emitted by the sun as they engage in activities such as hiking, camping and hunting. Those who are employed in outdoor occupations such as construction are likely to be exposed to higher levels of UVR on a daily basis than people with indoor occupations.
In unique cases, there are people who spend significant amounts of time working outside and engaging in outdoor activities. Populations with increased exposure to UVR may benefit from the investigation of the effectiveness of skin cancer preventions. The purpose of my proposed study is to gather information on effective preventative methods which limit UVR induced skin injury associated with skin cancer. The information obtained will be used as an educational resource to help clinicians better understand the role of UVR in skin cancer pathogenesis, risk factors associated with skin cancer, manifestations of skin cancer, and to compare the effectiveness of various…

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