The Treatment Of Pow 's Prisoners Of War Essay

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The treatment of POW’s (Prisoners of war)has been varied, the evidence on both sides is still unclear but the popular vote suggests that the Viet-Cong were harsher punishers of prisoners of war than American forces who abided by the rules of the Geneva Convention (1949) and treated them humanely and with dignity. However, many media outlets and published work seems to dictate that the Americans seem to show that they were following the Geneva Convention but were hiding and silencing all evidence which painted them as the culprit.
The Geneva Convention is a series of treaties on the treatment of civilians, prisoners of war (POWs), regarding humanitarian issues of civilians and combatants in wartime. It was the main differentiation between the Viet-Cong’s and the American forces’ treatment of Prisoners of war during the Vietnam War.
Viet-Cong’s treatment of American airmen shot down and captured over North Vietnam was a subject of controversy and concern throughout the Vietnam War. From the very beginning of the war, North Vietnam’s stated position was that American prisoners were “war criminals” who had committed crimes against the North Vietnamese people in the course of an illegal war of aggression and that therefore the American prisoners were not entitled to the privileges and rights granted to prisoners of war (POW) under the terms of the Geneva Convention.
Documents captured over a period of several years by the CIA show the official Viet-Cong policy towards prisoners…

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