What Is Zamperini's Furtuous Journey?

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“I’d made it this far and refused to give up because all my life I had always finished the race,” said Louis Zamperini. The book Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, displays Zamperini’s life from adolescence to when he was in his nineties. This novel tells the life of a B-24 bombardier and Olympic runner fighting his whole life. As a young kid, Louie likes to steal and eventually running away upon his return home, he was forced to run track to deal with his behavior. Allowing his brother Pete to help him teach Louie to persevere and become a responsible adult. Louie would not have been able to survive his wartime adventures if it was not for his military family helping along the way. Every since May 27th, 1943 Louie could do nothing but fight for his life. Louie nearly died that day from getting stuck in the plane’s wires wrapping around his body and dragging him deeper into the ocean. This is just the beginning of his tortuous journey. Forty days later Phil and Louie, grasped for life after defending themselves from sharks and making it to a japanese island on an inflatable raft. Then when on land they become prisoners of war. “Of the 34,648 Americans held by Japan, 12,935-more than 37 percent-died” (Hillenbrand 322). Louie had survived …show more content…
Louie and the men he has been with keep each other at peace. They steal food for each other. Made plans to find out what was happening on the outside of the walls they were trapped in. By finding something out about the war it felt like to them that they were helping win the war in some way. Once they found an important document they would hide it behind a toilet, so once everyone used the restroom and found the paper they were caught up to speed of what was going to happen or was happening. “At the work sites, Omori’s POWs were waging a guerrilla war” (Hillenbrand 248). They all worked together to try and sabotage Japan’s plans at the

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