Essay on The Treatment Of Agricultural Farm Animals

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Introduction As a group, when thinking about a problem or issue to propose, we found staying local and identifying an issue within the state of Florida would best suit our group. We decided to explore the side of livestock farming within agriculture, due to the controversies attached to the practice. Not only in Florida but on a national level as well. Statistics state that there are about more than 20,000 factory farms in the United States. Livestock farming is a major contributor to Florida and has become in recent years, one of many controversies in agriculture. One of the major problems that arose in the U.S is the certain types of treatment on agricultural animals in factory farms; which leads to both negative yet positive effects. Approximately 9 billion animals are raised for food every year in the United States. The purpose of this research is to discuss and analyze the treatment of agricultural/farm animals. The research will mainly focus on the study of cows, chickens and pigs. We will mainly focus on factory farming since it is the bulk of where the U.S. procures its meats from; but we will also be studying smaller farms in our local area to compare the treatment of those animals to those of factory farms. This research we conduct will be questioning and discussing the ethnical, economic, political/historical, environmental and cultural/social aspects of the treatment of agricultural/farm animals. Throughout the lens, it is clearly seen in the evidence…

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