The Transition Of Middle School Essay

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The transition from middle school to high school was nothing like I expected. Before entering high school, for some odd reason, I envisioned high school to be like High School Musical. Unfortunately, I was mistaken; the transition to University High School was so tremendous I went from being from the top of my class of my middle school class to the low end of the spectrum. My whole high school experience is one of the most challenging incidents I confronted.
Most people do not understand how demanding and rigorous is University High. Most people assume, “Oh you’re taking Advanced Placement classes, it’s not that hard”. In which they would reply with “I’m taking IB (International Baccalaureate), which is harder than AP”. In reality, I felt like my school made the classes harder than they really need to be because of the expectations my teachers had for us. The high expectation came with high-quality teachers. For example, our English teacher, Ms. Caruso, has about five degrees and been invited by the College Board multiple times to help construct the next Advanced Placement English tests.
Every day there was homework in every core class. Ideally homework is supposed to last only 30 minutes per class, but add six classes to your schedule that amounts to 3 hours on good days not including extracurricular activities, sports or volunteering. Going from having a GPA of 4.0 in middle school and now being unable to obtain a 3.0 in high school has a sour taste. Throughout my time…

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