The Tragic Hero Of Shakespeare 's Julius Caesar Essay

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There is a common misconception about who exactly the tragic hero of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar is; most believe it to be Caesar himself. This is understandable, considering the title of the play is Caesar’s own name; it is obvious why most would equate Caesar as being the tragic hero of his own story. However, with closer reading and analyzation, it becomes clear that Caesar should not receive credit for this particular role. Through other supporting characters of the play, such as Cassius, and different qualities that make a tragic hero, it becomes easy to identify the candidate as none other than one of Caesar’s closest friends and confidants. Shakespeare’s play offers a new perspective on the folly of humankind and their lack of foresight, while also using characters like Cassius to further derive the true identity of Julius Caesar’s tragic hero. These notions are attributed to Marcus Brutus’ status as not only a noble senator, but also a tragic hero through his nobility and relatable nature; his fatal flaws, including his honor, idealism, and naivety; and lastly his newfound self-awareness at the end of the play.
By definition a tragic hero is someone of noble or high prestige, so that when their flaw eventually consumes them, they have further to fall and far more to lose. This is one of the factors that add to Brutus’ characteristics for being a notable tragic hero. Brutus’ patrician status influences his role in Caesar’s assassination. Cassius, Brutus’…

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