The Tragedy Of The Holocaust Essay

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What do you know about the awful things that happened to the Jewish during the time of the Holocaust? The word “Holocaust,” which came from the Greek words “holos,” meaning whole, and “kaustos,” meaning burned, was a word used to describe a sacrificial offering that is burned completely. But, during the 20th century, an agonizing event occurred, giving the word a new and horrible meaning. The Holocaust was a systematic, bureaucratic, and state-sponsored persecution by the Nazi regime that led to the massacre of 6 million Jews. This event because of the Nazis coming to power in Germany in January 1933. They believed that the Germans were “racially superior” to the Jews, which they called “inferior” to them and were an obstacle to their goals of racial purity for the Aryans, which were people that were not Jewish nor Gypsy. The persecution began on April 1, 1933, when the Nazis incited a boycott of all Jewish-run businesses. The life of the Jewish people just got harder from there as more anti-Jewish laws were created. The Nuremberg laws were issued and laws such as excluding Jews from public places were made. Then, after years of Jewish persecution, the Holocaust was started as part of Hitler’s “final solution”. In Elie Wiesel’s Night, Wiesel and the other Jews experience dehumanization through physical abuse, mental abuse, and being treated like animals.
First off, while on their way to the different concentration camps, people were being physically abused for no good…

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